Tuesday October 30, 2007

OiNK, Niggy Tardust, In Rainbows, oh my!

Amy Moore and guildmaster sent in links to Ben Westhoff's interview with Saul Williams and Trent Reznor for NY Magazine regarding the upcoming release of Niggy Tardust! (Digg it and spread the word), where the two talk about the way once-helpful labels have dropped the ball, Trent discusses his OiNK account, and what they paid for In Rainbows. A companion piece of sorts just went up at CNET, where Greg Sandoval speaks at length about and with Trent on similar topics (but gets no Digg love because the nymag article beat 'em to the punch).

P.S. You really, really gotta check out Saul's new album come Thursday. I'm going to bug you about that more once it's released and you can hear it for yourself.