Tuesday October 16, 2007

Amazon takes preorders for R3MIX CD

Thanks to Rich for the heads up: Amazon.com has just posted a pre-order for the new remix CD/DVD combo, currently priced at $19.99. As mentioned on nin.com, this will also be available on vinyl and as digital downloads from iTunes and Amazon.

Without getting into specifics, one of our volunteer staff ItsJustDave has been racking up some medical bills lately, with a high probability of racking up even higher medical bills. Typically, when I link to Amazon, purchases made there will share anywhere from 4-7% of the sale with me, and this keeps me from having to flat out ask for help with hosting. For all R3MIX orders, this affiliate money is instead going to Dave to help him out. This guy has brought all kinds of hard-to-find NIN-related stuff to light for well over a decade.

There's also a set of auctions being organized by fellow collectors to help out. Just keep an eye on that thread for more information.