Monday October 8, 2007

Alessandro's Busy!

What's a guy to do when his boss is busy working on a remix album among other things? If you're Alessandro Cortini, you're celebrating the release of a new collection full of remixes from your second EP, Enemies & Immigrants while preparing to release your first full-length album for your band, Modwheelmood. For those not in the know, Modwheelmood is fronted by Alessandro with his friend, Pelle Hillstrom. They have two EPs to their name and are currently signed to Buddyhead, which is under the control of this guy.

I could tell you all about what they sound like but I'd rather give you a few links that'll put you on the path to acquiring their music. Their first EP, ?, is available at CD Baby and the iTunes music store. Enemies & Immigrants is also on iTunes but the best place to get it is at the Amazon MP3 Store where it's less than six bucks. The remix album, Things Will Change is available at the iTunes music store and a few other online music stores, but it's around ten bucks, which isn't too bad. Their first full-length album, Pearls to Pigs, Vol. 1 will be out soon.

For more info, you can check out www.modwheelmood.com or visit their MySpace page, which is updated regularly.