Sunday October 7, 2007

Fight Club the Musical rises again!

I thought I'd post this because I still get emails about this topic now and again. For a number of years now, people have quoted Chuck Palahniuk as having said some things about a musical version of Fight Club. While we have no reason to not trust these random people, we also don't have any reason to trust them. So fast forward a couple of years, and after a few messages on MySpace, a fellow named Mike finds an old digital camera video he shot while Chuck was making the rounds in 2005. The camera dies at a fairly inconvenient spot, but he still manages to catch a reiteration that backs his story up.

I'm pretty sure that at this point we've had some denials that this is taking place, and given that over two years have passed since the filming of this video, it's safe to say this isn't happening, but for all those who wrote in about Chuck's comments and we ignored you... well, next time, drag your digital camera to the book signing like this dude.