Friday October 5, 2007

TheDailyWTF mentions NIN poll

I'm sorry, I mean "Worse Than Failure." Remember when NIN voting bots faced off against voting bots for The Bribery Bravery? Nick L. remembers, and sent it in to one of my daily stops on the intertubes. Good times, good times.

Speaking of fucked up polls, an Oasis fan site that doesn't even rank on Quantcast took home the BT DMA People's Choice Award. I got an email last year from one Melanie Robinson fed up with the BT DMA "fraud," and couldn't be bothered with the idea at the time because I was too busy. Now that there's all of jack shit going on with Nine Inch Nails, I'm getting the idea in my head to perhaps create a new online pissing match for fan sites of all shades, shapes and sizes. Part of the fun is seeing where you rank, based on votes your fans send in, but what good is that if it's all vague, rigged and corporatized?

I'll need some serious servers to pull something like that off, but I think it'd be a fun thing to put together. It'd be like Band Madness, except it doesn't mysteriously stop without warning. What are your thoughts? Let me know if you think it's a good idea, fun idea, or stupid idea, or whatever. Can you tell it's Friday and I've got less than a half hour before I go home?