Sunday September 23, 2007

Some reading while you wait

I'm doing some research to help deal with some ridiculous requests from Wikipedia naz editors, and along the way, came across an farily comprehensive interview from April, 1994 that I hadn't seen yet. Reposted to I Bleed For This magazine in May of 1995, I decided to toss it in our archives in the event that textfiles.com ever bites the big one. So if you want to read it in the plain text I found it in, read it here, but if you like a little bit of formatting with your article, read the copy I just made here.

I don't really remember reading any other interviews that talk to both Trent Reznor and Steve Gottleib (of TVT Records). It's a pretty good history of Nine Inch Nails up to the release of The Downward Spiral.