Tuesday September 4, 2007

Fan Remixes Reloaded: The Limitless Potential

After months of deliberation over 200 fan submitted remixes, the results from the remix contest at Painful Convictions are in. 21 tracks received a majority vote from the judges, with just one track getting a "Yes" vote from all the judges. You can stream The Limitless Potential over at 9inchnails.com one track at a time, or via an external jukebox of sorts. If you prefer to download the remixes, you can now download a torrent containing all 21 remixes in MP3 format, as well as CD jewel case artwork to complement the two-disc set. The torrent is available through mininova, and is probably the best way to get this set. Congrats to Dirty Scarab, whose remix took 1st place, and Pushing Reality, whose Vessel remix made honorable mention. Thanks to everyone who sent in remixes, everyone who voted, to Hot Topic and Faction for providing prizes for the winners.

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