Tuesday August 28, 2007

BBC Video of awesome Reading performance

BBC2 is streaming a fantastic video of the final portion of Nine Inch Nails' powerful set from the Carling Weekend in Reading. You can stream the video in Windows Media or RealPlayer format at the BBC website, or have a look through this related thread on ETS for information on how to save a copy to view any time you like (and be sure to thank kenthebear). This may prove to be the better option, as the streaming video from Carling Weekend will only be available through September 3rd.

And while we're on the topic of festivals in the UK, I'm going to copy a post from Trent at The Spiral regarding recent headlines you may have seen. Don't fret, Smashing Pumpkins fans - "there's no spat with the Smashing Pumpkins - simply NME looking for a headline!" Fallout Boy, however, is totally fair game.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in! P.S. vote for the nin hotline, if you haven't already.