Thursday August 23, 2007

Totally off topic. Vote for my company's bar.

Well, not my company, but the company I work for. I might have mentioned from time to time that I work for a pretty cool Philadelphia Web design company, and I might have even mentioned the bar on the first floor. Well, it hasn't been open but six months, and it's already trendy, so much so that we've made it into MyFoxPhilly's 2007 Hot List. The point of all this is, if you've got about 10 seconds to spare, could you vote for National Mechanics -- if we win, I've got a ton of leftover AIR patches and stickers that I'll give out there :p

By the way, here's Nine Inch Nails performing The Day The World Went Away at the Lowlands festival earlier this week, as filmed by HenkWWW.