Tuesday August 21, 2007

More remix album details emerge

Mike Finke and Jason Lynes both mention an article at Pitchfork (whom I generally avoid linking to anymore) where they say "it looks like this thing is actually going to be pretty fuckin' awesome." I'll save you the trouble of visiting their website and rehash.

They touch on Bill Laswell's wicked remix of Vessel, name the two Ladytron mixes that are slated for the album, rehash that The Faint are taking on Meet Your Master, and bring news that Fennesz is contributing a remix, Sam Fogarino from Interpol is remixing The Good Soldier.

New Order's Stephen Morris has his hands on a track, The Knife's Olof Dreijer is remixing a track, as is Saul Williams, and while they mention Paul Epworth (Phones) and Switch as shit-hot producers, they apparently haven't heard Switch's abysmal 'Gonzo Midget Gay Porn Orgy' remix of Capital G. The Phones 666 RPM mix, that's not so bad. Both were available via a UK promo around the time Capital G was released as a vinyl single.

On top of all that, Kerrang mentioned the possibility of fan remixes showing up on this album. There was a rumor on ETS about a September 25th release date, but from what we hear, this was something put out by Interscope without really running it past, you know, that one guy, Trent Reznor. Still, with artwork having been posted, and more track information coming out of the woodwork, it's probably not too much longer til we get to hear the remix album, and it's looking more and more like it's going to be a really good one.