Friday August 10, 2007

I hate Contact Music

So apparently there's an interview with Trent Reznor in the latest issue of Kerrang, and d-signet shared a little bit of it with us, via paraphrasing. "I've got a producer on board and have met with writers ... I'm meeting the people to make this happen in a couple of weeks...we may have to write a new soundtrack album, but there's already the Year Zero album attached to it so, who knows...I'm more interested in it being a TV project than film right now." Not an exact quote from the article. Trent also talks a bit about the remix album, but I want to see the exact text before I post any more details.

So why do I hate Contact Music? From what I can tell, they've lifted the story about the TV show from Kerrang without a modicum of credit to the original source. These are the same guys who said the Russian tour was canceled. Since Contact Music picked up on the story, fellow bottom-feeder advertising holes teentelevision.com and starpulse.com have run the story as well. Contact music has a history of quoting out of context, and in the case of the Russian Tour news, just making shit up. Die die die, Contact Music.

**update: You can read the text of the Kerrang! article yourself at Echoing the Sound, thanks to Silly Putty from Easton.