Wednesday July 25, 2007 archive - flashback to 2002

One thing I really hate to see is when a site with a lot of effort put into it disappears entirely from the web. When possible, I try and get in touch with the owner of a site like that to retrieve the content in the hope that I can at some point host it again. This is how we manage to have 600 pre-With-Teeth era articles in our archives - collected by Keith & Tracy back when Keith ran

When went down back in April 2002, I contacted Brent Smith to see about getting a copy of his site, and he sent along a CD-R with everything on it, which was awesome, but at the time, I was dealing with bandwidth issues at my ISP, and putting up a flash and graphics heavy site was not something I could get away with. I think I can now. So finally, The Void is hosted here. I think it's an interesting snapshot from a time when everything wasn't quite so consolidated (for better or for worse).

Note that since site is essentially exactly the same as it was in 2002, there may be some broken links here and there, and with the advent of tabbed browsing, some of the link behavior is strange in modern browsers. Nonetheless, have a look around when you get the chance. Thanks again to Brent Smith for sending this along way back when ;)