Wednesday July 11, 2007

Flavor Flav + NIN

Neil sent in a bunch of information about the 2007 Beijing Pop Festival that NIN is set to perform at. Rather than rephrase everything he said, I'm going to copy and paste, because I think he covers everything pretty well himself:

NIN... The 2007 Beijing Pop Festival (Sept 8 and 9, noon to 10PM) lineup has finally been confirmed on the Mainland. I assume NIN will be headlining the second night (Sunday, 9/9). The full lineup is as follows:

Nine Inch Nails
Public Enemy
Marky Ramone(Ex. Ramones)
New York Dolls
Brett Anderson(Ex.Suede)

Mumiy Troll(Russia), XTX (Xie Tian Xiao), Muma & Third Party, Brain Failure (Beijing punk band), Thin Man, Joyside, The Honeys (Shanghai indie rock), and Shelftalker.

Most of these smaller bands are local Chinese acts (aside from that one Russian band). The Honeys and Brain Failure are well-respected in the Chinese underground scene, so it should be good support. In any case, the bill-pairing of Flava Flav and Trent Reznor is something no one should miss.

Since the local government can be quite fickle with "decency" and their permit-granting, I'm hoping that the CCP doesn't get a hold of the "Closer" chorus... Until NIN takes the stage, there's always a chance that the plug will be pulled (Jay-Z had a permit snatched away at the last minute in 2006). Since this is a dream come true for me (missed the With Teeth tour because I've been living in China), I'll keep my fingers tightly crossed. More information can be found here.

Tickets are onsale now at 400-818-3333 or A 1-day ticket is 200 RMB (250 at the door); a 2-day pass is 380 RMB (about 50 USD).