Wednesday June 27, 2007

Lost in Translation

Stuart Russell wrote in with his Korean girlfriend's translation of the Seoul concert flier we posted about the other day:

Nine Inch Nails concert: September 11th at Olympic Park in Seoul, Korea. Tickets go on sale July 19th.

We have been waiting long for Nine Inch Nails music (unpredictable, strong and exciting). We are addicted to their music. This is the beauty of noise. They are the kings of Industrial Rock. We want to taste their music performed live. They represent depravity, desperation, emptiness and fear inside the human soul. They are a genius band (more stimulation, more intense, more addiction) in these modern times. Trent Reznor provides this fantastic music. They are dreaming of the freedom of music.

Genius musician Trent Reznor has previously worked with Marilyn Manson among other side projects. Unique, fantastic sounds are gathered to make music. Trent Reznor leads the group and writes everything, including the music and vocals. They are the best industrial musicians in history and are the kings of this genre.

But compare that to the translation we got from Stephen's Korean coworker:

Olympic Stadium / 9.11.07

The show we've been waiting to hear for a long time. Nobody will know what this music will be like, but you will get addicted!

The king of industrial rock will show you what industrial rock music is.

NIN are genius musicians of this century!

The new material is strong and stimulating. You will fall in love with Trent Reznor's music.

If you are dreaming of freedom of music you should get into industrial rock!!

I guess everyone can agree that Nine Inch Nails are the genius kings of industrial rock and the right band for anyone who dreams of freedom of music.