Wednesday June 20, 2007

Behind the scenes of the Only video

Nine Inch Nails behind the Scenes Neekau found a really cool feature at the website for Digital Domain, the company who did the video for Only from With Teeth. The all-flash site doesn't make it easy to link to internal sections, so what you have to do is visit the site, click on "Features," then "Behind the Scenes," then click on the screen shot from the video. This loads up a page with some text about the filming of the video with David Fincher & Trent Reznor, and streams a video. Be patient -- the behind the scenes stuff comes after they show you the whole video.

While there is no voice-over, text overlays explain what's going on to make the video appear as it does. In one section of the clip, they show they use the individual red, green, and blue channels, as well as a balanced composite and a matte for hair, in order to create the 3D Trent in the Pinpressions box. (Psst, Digg this story)