Thursday June 7, 2007

Request NIN for "Rock Band" video game

Arturo sent in such a well written email on this topic, I'm just going to copy and paste what he wrote:
It seems that Harmonix, the company developing the "Rock Band" videogame, is taking submissions on their website for the songs we'd like to see featured on it. Given it's a venture between MTV and EA, there's probably more of a chance of seeing a playable NIN song in the game than ever before. Just note this is apparently a game in which every basic instrument can be played, so we should focus on NIN's less synth-heavy catalog and more on the straight-up rock songs, like THTF, Wish, or TBotE, for example.
Regardless of the song of your preference, let's show them people want NIN on that game!

Go to it!