Friday May 25, 2007

Seeing NIN in Russia? Here are some details.

NIN Hotline Image If you can read Russian, you should visit nin.ru, but if you can't, then I've had Quasar, webmaster over there at nin.ru, send some information this way.

When buying tickets for the Moscow show, you have a choice between the "FAN-ZONE" (?), standard pit ticket, and seats. Whatever this FAN-ZONE is, it costs $135USD, whereas a pit ticket is $70USD. Seats range from $25-$50, depending on where the seat is located. We haven't really figured out what the FAN-ZONE is yet.

In Saint Petersburg, seats are $60, FAN-ZONE tickets are $40, and general admission is $30.

Public sale of the tickets was originally scheduled for May 19, but as of this posting, the sale date was pushed back to next week.