Thursday May 24, 2007

NIN remix contest at 9inchnails.com

Have you remixed a Nine Inch Nails track? If you have, submit your remix to Painful Convictions and in cooperation with The NIN Hotline you will be entered in a content to win one of several NIN shirts. If your remix is voted one of the top 6 by the judges, you can win either an official NIN t-shirt or a classic Painful Convictions t-shirt. Email address in your mp3's description tag is required for entry to the contest - the address will be removed before being featured on the site.

Each remix will be put up against a panel of five judges to determine if it will make it onto the site. If your mix passes, then it will be featured on Painful Convictions for streaming and download!

  • Currently accepted remixes are any song NIN has officially released in MultiTrack format (see nin.com or yearzero.nin.com for MultiTrack downloads).
  • Please include the following in the id3 tags of your remix: song name, remix variation name, remixer name, and email address (optional).