Tuesday May 15, 2007

NIN Hotline shirts now available!

NIN Hotline ShirtI'm happy to announce that we're finally delivering on our promise to put out official shirts. Faction has developed two shirts based on the original NIN Hotline shirt -- available as a black shirt or as a gray shirt. $5 from each Hotline shirt sold goes to the Hotline. Shirts ordered this week should be delivered around the first week of June. Depending on how this goes, we may make these the first in a series. I received an art is resistance shirt this past weekend, and am quite pleased at the quality of shirt being produced, and am glad to have Faction helping me out here.

In addition to the two Hotline shirts, a number of other new designs have been added at Faction, so have a look around while you're there. Thanks to everyone for their patience and encouragement!

**update** I probably should have clarified this earlier, but I'm always rushing around, and sometimes leave out details. These designs are a limited run of 100 shirts, total. Once those orders are filled, that's it, the mold is broken, the silkscreens are cleaned, etc.