Sunday May 13, 2007

I Lied! Yet Another 'Capital G' Update

NIN Hotline imageI know I promised yesterday's update would be the last, but I'm sure you will all appreciate this news and forgive my dishonesty. Rob Sheridan posted some final clarification regarding the release of a 'Capital G' single on the Spiral yesterday evening. It pretty much confirms what was reported yesterday:

"It will not be a halo. It's a simple 9" vinyl release the record company really wanted to put out - Europe only, I believe. Side A is Capital G, side B is the Dave Sitek Survivalism remix. It will be nice for the people who have the 9" collector box, but we kept a halo # off of it because it doesn't warrant one, and so regular collectors wouldn't feel any pressure to pick it up just for the sake of completeness."

You can click the above thumbnail for a full version of the vinyl artwork. Rob didn't mention a release date, so we can assume the June 11th date is correct (for now!)