Saturday May 12, 2007

Another 'Capital G' Update

Both What Records in the UK and NIN's UK Myspace Page are reporting that Capital G will see a 9" vinyl release on June 11. It will contain two tracks, with the B-Side being the Dave Sitek remix of 'Survivalism' which was previously available as a UK-only iTunes download. No mention of a CD tracklisting yet. Big thanks to Shreena and Chris for the heads up.

Update: I promise this will be the last update on this ongoing 'Capital G' saga (hopefully!) I've gotten word from a trusted distributor that the CD release for 'Capital G' has been cancelled:

"The product manager contacted us personally after we put our preorder in to our Rep to confirm to us that Trent refuses to go ahead with a CD release. He only wants to put it out on vinyl."

So there you go. As of right now, there will be no CD release for 'Capital G'.