Friday May 11, 2007

Capital G single details *update*

Some UK vendors have been posting 'pre-orders' for Capital G on eBay, and have listed a few details about the next release. Similar to the single for Survivalism, the single will see two CDs and a limited 9" vinyl. Disc 1 will have two tracks, disc 2 will have four tracks (Maybe Island will wise up and put different tracks on the different CDs this time). The only track we can confirm is the album version of Capital G, which will be on three versions of the single. Capital G is due out June 4, 2007.

A viewer named Matt followed up with the seller, who said he didn't know what the track list actually was, and was simply going off of the Survivalism single. Smooth.

In semi-related news, someone (I can't find the email now) pointed out that the UK NIN Myspace page -- which is still takin pre-orders for Year Zero... -- has posted a link to a remix of Capital G by UK producer Paul Epworth, aka Phones, which can be heard at Phones' Myspace. While it's certainly cool that everyday fans are remixing NIN tracks, it's interesting to see a more established producer like Phones posting a remix. Makes you wonder a bit about who are behind some of the mixes on ninremixes.com.