Wednesday May 9, 2007

Tidbits: Reznor Paintings; Live Debuts

A couple bits of news came in today that I felt should be tossed your way. Firstly, there is a nifty little write up by artist James Jean on his website. Jean did the painting of Trent that appeared in a recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine (the 40th Anniversary issue) and has actually done two other Reznor illustrations, both of which can be found by following links within the article. Pretty cool stuff, so I urge everyone to take a read.

Secondly, two new songs off 'Year Zero' made their live debut last night in Sydney, Australia: "Me, I'm Not" and "The Good Soldier". Of course, be sure to take a read through the Tour Journal section of Echoing the Sound for set lists and discussion following all live shows on this tour.

Finally, speaking of Australia, Trent is gracing the cover of Drum Media this week. The full article can be accessed online in PDF format .