Sunday May 6, 2007

NIN resumes touring in Australia today

If you haven't already checked them out, we've got forums at Echoing the Sound for planning for upcoming shows as well as our notorious tour journal forum, where we encourage you to post setlists, photos, reviews, and stories about that jerk who was trying to crush your ribs against the barrier just so he could get closer to Trent.

To kick things off with a tiny bit of edge, tonight's show at Riverstage in Brisbane may rile those types of people who move to an area because of all the cool stuff that happens there, only to complain about the noise that accompanies said cool happenings. To quote a post from carni on ETS, who spoke to some of the guys setting up the venue:

...there were a few local citizens who would more than likely complain about the noise on monday night, the complainers whinged enough a couple of weeks ago when Slayer played they ended up cutting the show short and finishing up at about 10 instead of half past. The main reason anyone listens to them is because they are 3 Local council members and a couple of VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE, shits me to tears that people like this move into an area which has an entertainment venue and then complain about the noise. So the noise curfew is 10:30 pm in that area and if they whinge enough for Trent and the gang to pull the pin early i'm gonna be super pissed.

We'll see how it goes!