Sunday May 6, 2007

Win free shirts/stickers, plus NIN Hotline shirts

The NIN Hotline and Faction have conspired to give away 5 free unofficial ART IS RESISTANCE tshirts. To win your choice of any shirt Faction makes, head over to factionation.com and sign up for the weekly Faction newsletter. Every day between May 7 and 11 we'll be picking a random winner from the list of signups. As an added bonus, every 10th signup will grab a free 10 pack of Faction's AIR stickers. The weekly Faction email will give you first cut on Faction's weekly set of limited edition NIN-inspired shirts and merch, including the upcoming super secret official NIN Hotline shirts. Head over to factionation.com for more details.

On the topic of NIN Hotline shirts -- I realize I bring the topic up every couple of years, but this time I'm actually following through -- Faction will be working with me to produce NIN Hotline shirts. The first run will be a reprint of the original NIN Hotline t-shirt, originally designed and created in May of 2000 - coincidentally, around the last time the shirt in the photo was actually folded. The shirt will be available in black on white (as pictured), or white on black, for those of you who can't get enough black shirts in their wardrobe. Depending on how well this first run of shirts goes, we may do another run in a few months time... if I can find the original PSD, I'd like to produce the design I posted in 2005, although we may do different colors than just black and white. Anyhow, we'll see where this all goes as the week progresses.