Sunday May 6, 2007

Listen to or submit remixes at ninremixes.com

I started a NIN fan page back in 1996 primarily as an outlet for my (fairly awful) Screamtracker remixes of NIN songs. Even though I don't have much time for that kind of thing anymore, it's really cool to see that scene growing to the levels it has at ninremixes.com. The site got its start about two years ago, when Trent released the multitrack Garageband file for The Hand That Feeds. In the years since, they've refined their formula for rating and reviewing the nearly 2,000 remixes on the site, added a "Remikipedia" where the community can share information on audio production and related topics, as well as a section devoted to fan-uploaded visuals. If you haven't been to ninremixes.com in a while, it's definitely worth having a look around and seeing what's been happening there lately.