Monday April 16, 2007

Stereo Warning, MTV, and site stuff

There's a nicely laid out interview at Stereo Warning that strays from the more common interview responses that have come up in other magazines. Mind you, I'd be recycling my own talking points if I had to give heaps of interviews too, no harm in that, but I figured it'd be worthwhile to point out an interview that's different.

James Montgomery and Todd Brown from MTV News made an appearance to report on Friday's Open Source Resistance meet-up, and their article is now online. I thought the instructions said "Don't be followed." Speaking of the so-called Music Television channel, we hear they've added Survivalism onto their playlist at MTV (does MTV even play videos in full anymore?), and that it's #1 over on MTV2. You can also watch the edited version of the video anytime over on MTV Overdrive, if you somehow missed it's USB-key debut last month, etc. etc.

And two quick site-related notes: First, our submission form will only wipe out text once now (if you don't know what that means, don't worry. And if you do, sorry, that was laziness on my part.) Second, we're selling inexpensive official gear through our affiliation with Goodrock.com again, where not only are credit cards accepted, but Paypal and Google checkout as well. The selection's limited at the moment (the merch company takes their sweet time dealing with Goodrock) but most of the shirts are $12.99. Have a look around anyway. As usual, we'll let you know whenever they add stuff.