Monday April 9, 2007

Vendor exclusive pre-order specials

We've gotten a number of emails about a couple of pre-order options that have cropped up in the last week or so, but no one has updated about them yet, so I'm going to try and fit this in real quick before I get back to work.

Pre-ordering Year Zero from Best Buy will only cost you $9.99, and you get a code that lets you download a 10 minute interview with Trent Reznor, "while supplies last." I think that's how it works. On a related note, Uncle C's sent in a link to bestbuy.com/nineinchnails, which is a 4.5 minute video interview of Trent speaking over an instrumental take of Me, I'm Not.

Hot Topic also has an exclusive pre-order deal -- pre-order the album for $9.99, and you can get a shirt for $9.99. Not a bad deal, really. In addition, Hot Topic is having a "listening party" for the album at 7PM nationwide on Friday the 13th. This basically consists of every HT store in the country playing the album at the same time (in a given time zone, of course).

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about these deals, and thanks to Paul for the update about the "listening parties."