Sunday April 8, 2007

Won a patch, but never got an email? Also...

This weekend I got a lot of emails about folks who have filled out a form to receive instructions on getting an Art Is Resistance flag patch, but never received the email. I would write back to you all individually, but I was busy installing a dishwasher and helping Melissa with grouting the tile in my kitchen this weekend. I'll be setting up a script to send a follow-up email to everyone who's won a patch, and I'll try to make it extra spam-proof, so that it doesn't get lost in the shuffle this second time around. At that point, I'll also post news that the email has been sent, and if you -still- don't get the email, contact me (again) and I'll send you further information personally. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Also, I added a few helping hands to the staff last week, and a couple of them have already helped to add a bunch of newer articles to our dull-looking but huge article archive. Are we missing anything you may have read recently? Submit links to music reviews and news via the "Submit News" button and we'll try to get everything entered.