Friday April 6, 2007

Bloggers really like Year Zero

According to technorati, the most popular music being listened to by bloggers is Year Zero, with nearly twice as many links to the new album as the second most-popular album (by Daughtry). Interesting... on that note, I'm doing an impromptu, totally informal survey. I'm curious to see, if you've downloaded Year Zero, where have you downloaded it from? If you get a second, fill out the really simple little form to the right. If you haven't downloaded it -- that's pretty cool of you. Just a reminder, you can listen to the whole thing on yearzero.nin.com, too.

*update* To the paranoid who have filled out 'narc' and 'is this an riaa trick' -- you really should know me better by now. On my awesomely bad previous car, I had the original anti-RIAA sticker (which, on thinkgeek, has since been replaced with an anti-MPAA sticker. I've probably had more unpleasant run-ins with record label lawyers than you, so quit being silly. Yes, I have also pre-ordered it, it's a fucking good record.