Monday March 26, 2007

Attn, Q101 listeners: Band Madness

Chicago's Q101 is having a Band Madness, not unlike WXPN's version last week, but I can't get their streaming audio player to work. Voting is simple -- you do it via text message. In short:
Matches happen Monday (3/26) through Friday (3/29) every hour from 9:30am to 9:30pm. Friday (3/30) matches go from 9:30am to 12:30am (on Sat.)
Your text votes decide the winners. During each match, text the name of the band you want to win to 99161.
As a bonus, if you bet on the winner and are a member of Q101, you get points. The person with the most points wins a trip to San Diego.

The next band NIN goes up against is No Doubt, but I'm not sure when. If anyone in the Chicago area has further information, please email me and let me know. Like last time, I do not encourage cheating, but it would be fun to use our sheer numbers to make the DJs stammer and stutter again.