Thursday March 22, 2007

Update on LA area BYIT screening

So, we got this email today:

I'm the Chapman student who's hosting the screening tomorrow night that you posted about. I was hoping you could post a little more information so people know exactly what to expect, which basically amounts to a disclaimer.

Since this screening is at my school, it's first and foremost supposed to be an entertainment/educational opportunity for the students. I was told to publicize it around campus, and the administration never said I couldn't open it up to the general public, so I thought it couldn't hurt that Bill wanted to post a notice on thedigitalbits.com inviting some of his readers to attend if they liked. But theninhotline opens a whole other can of worms because I know how obsessive NIN fans can be (I'm one of them). So if a ton of people end up showing up, what'll probably end up happening is they'll have to check student IDs and let the students in first, then let in as many more people as they can.

If you DO come, please really be respectful there. Don't bring food or drink (it's not allowed in the theatre) and don't be disruptive. If anything happens my butt's kind of on the line and I'll have to explain why everyone on the internet knew about this.

In short -- we're not really the target audience. In fact, most of you probably already have BYIT in some form. However, if you do choose to go, DON'T BE A JERK, you're going as this guy's guest. Thanks :)