Wednesday March 21, 2007

AIR Flag patch giveaway update

Over one hundred people have been selected at random, so far, to get a free Art Is Resistance patch this week. Starting tomorrow, your chances of being selected will double, as I've still got about 600 more of these to give away (I was a little too cautious with the script, I didn't want all the flags to go at once). While I'm at it, I'm sweetening the prize pack a little bit - about half of the winners will be getting very nice vinyl flag stickers, courtesy of the infamous johnbron. Do we kick ass here or what?

While you're here checking out the news & getting a shot at winning a patch, let me know if there are any radio station poll sorts of things going on in your area regarding NIN. We had some fun with a Philly station today - thanks to everyone who voted. If you weren't listening, you missed out - the DJ was just about speechless at the sudden flood of results, it was awesome.