Tuesday March 20, 2007

Album packaging details...

We've been hearing rumors about the disc being "thermo-chrome", a metallic substance that reacts to body heat, but we weren't quite sure what to make of it. Well, Scott wrote in with this link and this link, where you can read about a special edition of Year Zero:
Hochwertiges, 6-seitiges Digipak inkl. einer speziellen Effekt-Lackierung des Silberlings, die beim berhren die Farbe wechselt. Dazu gibt es noch ein ausfhrliches 20seiten Booklet!
Or, as Scott put it, "Apparently Year Zero is being released in a deluxe edition with a special color changing cover and a 20 page booklet." Nice!


Carolin wrote in with a more clear translation: "deluxe, 6-page digipak including a cd with special-effects laquer which changes colour upon touch. and there's also a 20 page booklet!"