Friday March 16, 2007

Send me your tired, your poor...

...your alternative radio station contact information.

You may remember the TV/radio blitz we did during the release of "The Hand That Feeds" -- let's see if we can outdo ourselves. How do we make a request on your local radio station? By local, I don't care if you're from Kansas or Chile. Send an email to leviathant+radio@gmail.com with the following information:
TV/Radio Station name and/or callsign (i.e. KROQ, WYCR, FuseTV, MTVu, etc.)
Station location: City & State (or equivalent) or national, if it's MTV etc.
One or all of the following...
Request line: This should be a full phone number.
Request form: Does the station have an online form for requests? Put the URL to that page here.
Request Email address: Is there a specific email address where we can request songs at? Put that here.

Finally, if there are any special instructions or details we should know about, mention those too.

Thanks. Let's have some fun ;)