Wednesday March 14, 2007

Look for a communication from the resistance

Ercigoj EmbroideringThanks again to Ishtmail and Embroidery Ercigoj, our 'Art Is Resistance' patch giveaway is now underway. Please note that you'll need to have Javascript enabled on this site in order to have a chance at winning - this is merely so I can work my evil HTML magic.

This contest is open to the entire world. 700 winners will be chosen at random over the next week (or so). Each winner will receive one (1) patch if they follow the directions in the email they receive. Patch colors will also be decided at random -- all three look very sharp though, from what the pictures look like.

Refreshing the site will not help your chances, we've put some thought into making this as fair as possible for everyone in every time zone. Cheating will be distinctly evident, and cheaters will be disqualified.

You'll know when you've been chosen. Big thanks to Hippygeek for assistance, and to Ishtmail for the patches.