Wednesday March 7, 2007

Survivalism video found on USB drives

Survivalism Video
The video was discovered in both high resolution (164mb) and low resolution (26mb) formats. At this point, I'm not sure there's much more I need to say.
You can look here for links as the fans spread it faster than you can say "MTV sucks."

***UPDATE 2*** While you're waiting to download the high-resolution video, you can get a look at what to expect on YouTube.

***UPDATE*** If you've been keeping track of the Year Zero phenomenon on the internet, you'll be pleased to learn that folks in IRC noted letters appearing in the timecodes in the video, which when spelled out, lead to http://www.thewaterturnedtoblood.net/. There have been more site revelations as well, visit the Art is Resistance forum on ETS for more information. An up-to-date, full list of related websites can also be found at ninwiki.com.