Wednesday February 28, 2007

BYIT package insert contains Year Zero secret

The package insert with the Blu-Ray (and possibly HD?) versions of Beside You In Time contains hidden text that leads to a new Year Zero website, There's a puzzle on the site; if you crack it, you'll be led to another page which suggests data is being sent to us from the future. Or as one reader put it, "it seems a group of "pilgrims" working for a quantum encryption company have found a way to send information (ie..all the websites and songs since 2/10) back through time to us here in -15 hoping that we will change their reality. 'working together for a better yesterday.'" (Thanks matt.) It also appears prototype's banned book theory has turned out to be correct -- thank god we finally understand the Hobbit connection. Anyway, discussion of all this is taking place right here on ETS.

*Update* Greg, the Sauce Boss and Ice king, has confirmed that the HD insert also has the secret message.