Tuesday February 27, 2007

Star Wars, El-P, Knitting Factory, etc.

Various little bits and pieces to feed your brain:

- has an interview with current nin bassist Jeordie White in which he talks about, you guessed it, his love of Star Wars. Thank you to Bonnie for the link.

- is featuring the video for El-P's song "Flyentology". The song features vocals from Trent Reznor. Thanks to Dennis for the info.

- The Knitting Factory in NYC has a Year Zero listening party scheduled for 03-14-2007. Pre-orders can be made at this event. Thanks to Andrew Friedman for the email.

We've gotten some emails from readers saying that the HD-DVD version of Beside You In Time is not available in Best Buy stores. The website states that online orders are backed up and may take 1-2 weeks. If anyone is aware of a local Best Buy carrying this version let us know. Otherwise I'd recommend going to a different retailer if you're looking for this particular version. Thanks to everyone for emailing the information.