Monday February 26, 2007

NIN BYIT on DirecTV Tuesday night *update*

Adrianna and romeo void sent in news about a listing for some kind of Nine Inch Nails special, tomorrow night on DirecTV. Got your Tivos ready?

01 Nine Inch Nails 101 T101 6:00 PM EST 02/27/2007
02 Nine Inch Nails 101 T101 8:30 PM EST 02/27/2007
03 Nine Inch Nails 101 T101 11:00 PM EST 02/27/2007

It may just be is Beside You In Time, which by no mere coincidence is officially released in the US tomorrow. On that note, a lot of people are emailing us to let us know that lots of Amazon orders shipped over the weekend, and more went out today.