Sunday February 25, 2007

Reminder: Toronto BYIT Viewing Party Tonight

As previously reported, there is a supposed viewing party for "Beside You In Time" tonight at the Velvet Underground nightclub in Toronto. Of course, my numerous emails to both the club and the reporting radio station, 102.1 the Edge, have gone unheralded so I have no way of confirming the time and actual existence of tonight's showing. If anyone has any information on the viewing party tonight, fire me off an email and I'll update for all our fans in Toronto.

Update: Ro2.0 wrote in to let us know that the party is at 10:00PM tonight, and cover will be $5. No word whether there will be some of those nifty lithos for purchase.

Update #2: Nuisance wrote in to let know Vancouver, BC will also be having a viewing party tonight at "Celebrities" Nightclub. Doors are at 8:00PM, while the viewing starts at 9:00PM.

Update #3: Khristopher wrote in to let me know the Toronto event isn't going to be an "official" viewing party. Rather they are simply going to be playing the video on screens while the audio will not be heard over the usual club music. Booourns to that.