Wednesday February 21, 2007

Please ignore

Just thought I'd pass this on...

I'm the registered owner of I register, host and manage websites on behalf of my clients. So although the domain is registered in my name it is not 'mine' as such - I do not own the IP or copyright

I received an email today telling me that nin fans are looking up my registration details. I know that information is fairly easily available but I'm not sure I understand why the nin fans would be interested in my business address/phone number/email - let alone posting it in these forums.

After a few hours investigation this morning I find this site, and my details are splashed all around this place.

The only information I can give is that my client advised me in to look at ( for aesthetic/stylistic inspiration. To my knowledge the website for inthistwilight is to be used for photography at some point in the future when my client gets more organised (the first photo on the site was Prague for those who seem interested).

Is there any way that these fans can [stop] posting the site registration details. I find it VERY disconcerting since the website is not related to my business (other than it belongs to one of my clients).

Guess they picked a bad time to rip off the front page of at a domain name that rips off a title from the new album. Nonetheless, if you're looking for another clue to the Year Zero revelations, you're not going to find one at