Friday January 5, 2007

Saul Williams to provide guest vocals?

In the Kerrang article reported below, Trent mentions the possibility of guest vocals on the new album. Greg Reason recently attended Saul Williams' New Year's day show at the Beats on the Beach festival in Australia, and tells us that Saul mentioned at the show "that he has recorded backing vocals for the new NIN album." Saul also performed two tracks from his unreleased, Reznor-produced album, "Convict Colony" and "Revenge," which Greg describes as: "The former had slammin live sounding drums and a looped metal guitar riff while the later was a funkier tune with cool NIN sounding effects."

Finally, Greg also tells us he ran into CX Kidtronik, who confirmed that the sequel to Mr. Self Destruct will be called "Mr. Self Destruct, Part 6."