Wednesday December 6, 2006

Rob blogs about the BYIT DVD on the Spiral.

With permission, we'll be reposting select portions of newsworthy blog updates from the Spiral. You should still sign up for a membership if you haven't already -- not only for the scintillating chat sessions and fascinating threads where Spiral members post pictures of various naked body parts, but Trent has been posting lots of cool shit on his blog, like pictures of his new studio and the fact that almost all the new songs are finished.

Anyway, recently Rob Sheridan posted a couple of updates about the new DVD, Beside You In Time. Among other things, Rob says: "Personally I consider the high-def versions of this release to be the definitive versions, since the project revolved around the idea of doing it all in HD. But even so, the standard DVD is really nice, and looks awesome on a standard-definition TV." Also, good news for those who'll be buying the standard DVD: "we were able to get Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1, and DTS 5.1 audio on the standard DVD, and they all sound great." Finally, Rob also says the packaging will be different for the three different formats due to the current industry standards for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD packaging. Again, check in with the Spiral for the most up-to-date information about the DVD, the new NIN record, and for a lot more exclusive content. Thanks to those of you who wrote in about Rob's updates.

Finally, Shawn Faherty wrote in on the topic of the DVD with news that the current issue of the digital technology magazine, POST, "has an article called DVD Evolution by Christine Bunish. She talks with San Francisco's MX Entertainment company about NIN's new triple release - Blu-ray, HD DVD and SD - for Beside You in Time out early next year. Creative Director Ole Lutjens says. 'Some Labels and bands have found that an across-the-boards release is a smart move if you can afford it,' also 'Nine Inch Nails has a really great art director who's particular about presenting the look and feel of the band and who wants to match the design across all formats. It's exciting to see that working.'"