Friday June 23, 2006

Stop asking Rykodisk if they'll do PHM Deluxe

Here's an update from Rykodisc regarding our previous post...

Thanks for your posting. We absolutely recognize the desire of NiN fans (ourselves included!) to have deluxe expanded release(s) of Pretty Hate Machine.

However, the ability to move this forward is very complicated and does not just rest on Rykodisc writing Trent a check to do the work. If it were that simple, we'd be much closer to realizing a deluxe PHM. As you can imagine from history, the issues surrounding PHM are complicated. Trent and his management understand that there are other factors at work, and have been very cordial & friendly to Rykodisc throughout the process of re-releasing PHM. We continue to make efforts to to untie the tangles.

As fans ourselves, we have speculated as to why certain projects by our favorite artists haven't yet come to fruition, and we appreciate that it is the enthusiasm for the artist's work that fuels these theories. However, in this case, the theory put forth is not what is holding the deluxe PHM back.

We appreciate your e-mail campaign, but since we cannot reply to everyone, we hope you will share our response on your site. Most people sent very nice e-mails, although a few ignored the advice and were insulting. Most of the people whose names & addresses you posted are no longer with the label, so we'd appreciate it if you removed the addresses.

Thanks for your interest. Keep watching our website for news.

See how cool they are? Don't send them angry emails. Actually, don't send them any emails anymore, it's safe to say they're aware of the demand, and when the situation is presentable, they'll present.