Wednesday June 14, 2006

*update* nincollector.com is moving to burning souls

I've received a few questions about the status of nincollector.com, which recently stopped working altogether. Yes, the site is completely down.

I kinda forgot that Jay DeBard from Burning Souls is going to be absorbing the contents of the site into Burning Souls, so while the information is currently offline, this is only temporary, and it is finding its way to a new home at buringsouls.com

A few months ago, it was announced that the fellow running the site was going to be giving up ownership, and I immediately sought to take it over, as I have done with many other sites whose owners have otherwise lost interest in maintaining. While I was initially in good standing to take over maintenance of the site, somewhere along the line it was decided that someone else would maintain it better than I could.

Now the site is completely offline. Don't sweat it though... I've been talking with some of the more hardcore collectors about putting together a replacement site, without ridiculous watermarks, and including work outside of the NIN discography. I think it's a shame that a good domain name went to waste like that, and we probably could have saved a lot of time if we worked together, but that's not going to get in the way of the creation of something better.