Tuesday January 3, 2006

Do you need to fill that e-zine hole in your life?

When Sick Among the Pure disappeared, without leaving so much as an archive, we got a lot of email asking what happened. To copy and paste out of Daemon's email on the topic late last year:
There are certainly some valid reasons to keep the magazine going, but in continual analysis for months upon months, I've come to conclude that the cons far outweigh the pros. The obvious reasons include cost and lack of offsetting revenues, lack of volunteer support, lack of support from labels and artists and not the least of which, the phenomenal amount of free time that is invested to the detriment of my health, personal, and professional life. These are the facts.

Obviously, it was a lot of hard work, but the equation just didn't balance out, and after nearly a decade of changes in management and staff, that site is no more.

However, on a related note, some of the former members of SATP have started a new online publication, the metaball, which takes on a wider scope, but features articles and creative writing, parsed via real live editors, for your monthly viewing pleasure. Be sure to let them know what you think, because as you know, without support and feedback, the people doing these things won't get any better, and will eventually give up.