Tuesday October 25, 2005

Singing Reznor's Praises

"Long live Nine Inch Nails! Long live Trent Reznor! The sonic assault of anxiety and angst in guttural, sometimes profane lyrics is a good thing. No phonies are allowed, no matter what the genre -- but particularly when it's NIN's slashing guitar and rapid-fire drums. And especially when it's the haunting synthesizer throbbing behind the intensely sexual and prominently placed "animal" references in Reznor's "Closer."

I'm 48. My musical tastes have been charitably described as eclectic. But I'm ready to shout it from the rafters of TD Waterhouse Centre when Reznor sings, "You get me closer to God."

Worlds Collide: Why I Sing Trent Reznor's Praises by the Orlando Sentinel's Michael Murphy is a (slightly gushing) tribute to Reznor and his music, and surprisingly enough, a good read to boot.

Thanks to broken1 over at ETS for this one.