Monday October 3, 2005

Reznor on the cover of Salt Lake City Weekly

Salt Lake City's free weekly, the, uh, Salt Lake City Weekly features a point-counterpoint on Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor. Two writers at the paper were given the assignment and were not allowed to see each other's article until they were effectively published.

Rebecca Vernon's opinion piece speaks well of the music without being fanatical, whereas Ben Fulton's opinion is that the whole NIN thing is over-rated. Of course, Ben also thinks that Trent's still wearing fishnets, and makes it pretty clear that he wasn't familiar with his assignment and had to beef up on the background pretty quickly. Anyway, have a read.

We've been encouraged by staff at the Weekly to ask you to send your comments to comments@slweekly.com - so if you read through both articles and feel you have something civil, thought-out and constructive to say, there's the email address.

Nine Inch Nails play Salt Lake City tomorrow.