Sunday October 2, 2005

Regarding updates to nin.com/tr

Every time nin.com/tr gets updated, we get a ton of emails about it. To alleviate the influx of email on the topic, I've added a couple of features to the Hotline.

The Article Archive now has a copy of the past posts at nin.com/tr, since they are not archived there.

Now on your page settings, you can tick off a checkbox for "Updates from Trent" and they will show up in your sidebar. We will update that as soon as nin.com/tr updates, but it will only display the most recent post.

Thanks for everyone who's been emailing us with the updates, but this should take care of all that, and you can stop emailing now.

By the way, time's ticking away, don't forget to vote for us at the Online Music Awards. There are two weeks of voting left, and given all the stuff we have here, there's no reason we shouldn't cream the competition.